If you own a pizza oven, then you are probably dying to fire it up and looking for any excuse to start backing away. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of excuses to put your pizza-cooking skills to good use. The best part is that you do not necessarily need to be at home to get tucked into a delicious Margherita or an adventurous tropical-flavored pizza.

So, gather your friends and family, and let’s celebrate with a slice by checking out 5 perfect occasions, or should we excuse, to fire up your pizza oven and get cooking!

Game Night

Whether you are planning a game night with pals at your house or at one of your compadres’ humble abodes, pizza is the perfect food to play and eat. Take poker for example. No one wants to miss a hand because everyone wants to keep the chips flowing and the cards flipping. Pizza is perfect for when you are sitting out of hand, or easy enough to put down when it is your turn.

Of course, poker isn’t the only game night where pizza is perhaps the best choice of food because it is least likely to interrupt the action. A video gaming session, board games, chess, or any other activity that will have you and your friends in the midst of non-stop action.

Pizza is easy to share, you can easily take it with you and reheat most pizzas or eat it cold. Plus, if you already own a pizza oven, you have endless topping combinations so everyone at the gaming night gets to eat!

Birthday Parties

OK, so maybe this one is too obvious? However, we couldn’t leave it out of the top 5. Ask anyone about the top 5 occasions for pizza, and a birthday party is almost always going to be on the list. We promise the next 3 won’t be as obvious. So, the best we can do here is to give you ideas you may not have thought of yet.

If your pizza oven is accessible in the birthday party venue, i.e., at your home, the place already has a pizza oven available, or you have a travel pizza oven, then DIY pizzas are a winner. You can lay out bases (prepared by you or ready-made), with trays and foil as well as a choice of toppings.

Cheese is a must, while veg, meats, and sauce are required. Let everyone make their own pizza before handing it over to you to crisply cook in your pizza oven. It makes for another entertaining birthday activity, and guess what? DIY pizza is perfect for all age groups from kids to pensioners!

Sporting Events

Whether you’re watching a big game at home or attending a sports game, pizza is a game-day staple. It’s a hassle-free food option that can be easily shared among fans, allowing you to enjoy the event without getting stuck in the kitchen.

Choose from classic favorites like pepperoni and cheese or go for a themed pizza that represents your team’s colors or mascot. If you are heading out to a sports game, then cook your pizza on the day or the evening before, wrap it up to keep it fresh, and hand it out as a surprise for your friends. This is also a great way to save money.

Movie Nights

Nothing says cozy movie night quite like a warm, cheesy pizza. Gather your friends or snuggle up with your loved ones and indulge in your favorite slices while enjoying a cinematic experience. Create a pizza and movie pairing by selecting pies that complement the film’s theme or setting. For example, savor a Hawaiian pizza while watching a tropical adventure or opt for a meat lover’s pizza during an action-packed thriller.

Office Parties

Boost office morale and foster team spirit by treating your coworkers to a pizza party. Pizza is an affordable, convenient, and universally loved option for office gatherings. Take a break from the daily grind and bond with your colleagues over a selection of delicious pies. Encourage collaboration by having everyone vote on their favorite toppings or rotate who gets to pick the pizza flavors each month.

What other Occasions are Perfect for Pizza?

No matter the occasion, pizza is a versatile and delicious option that brings people together. From game nights to office parties, you really can’t go wrong with pizza. One of the main reasons is that you can tailor your toppings to suit the tastes and preferences of your friends, family, and guests. Of course, it does help to know the people you are cooking for in advance so you can choose toppings that you know will be a hit amongst those who will also be your biggest critics – the ones eating your culinary delights!