This article has been written for pizza lovers like yourself to give you an understanding on the cost of different types of portable pizza ovens.

The majority of the ovens will be priced in dollars but feel free to convert those currencies to your own if need be.

Here’s a rough cost guide of a pizza oven depending on the different types

  • Portable oven $250 – $7000
  • Premade oven $950 – $12,000+
  • DIY Build with clay and cement oven $300 – $400
  • DIY Brick build oven $1100+

Also remember that time is valuable so take into account the time it will take you to assemble different ovens.

In the article, we will give you a breakdown that allows you to choose the best pizza oven for you based on budget, oven size and pizza-making skills.

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Buying portable pizza ovens

The great thing about a portable pizza oven is that they do not need to be fixed into one place. This means that you can move it around in the garden, or even take it to other peoples garden parties. Some people even rent theirs out!

Because they are not made from brick or clay, they are very light and small and when it comes to fuel types like wood, pellets and gas they are much quicker at heating up than any clay oven

Also, you’ll be amazed at the temperatures these portable pizza ovens can reach which is up to 400 degrees celsius within minutes.

The only negative side to the portable ovens is that you don’t get that rustic, vintage look in the garden. Most portable ovens are made from metal which does come in some great designs and features though.


The Ooni Oven is the original OG when it comes to portable ovens. Ooni introduced their ovens in 2012 and since then they have become the leading brand of portable pizza ovens with a range of great products and accessories available.

ooni portable pizza ovens

Their stainless steel ovens mostly use wood pellets as their fuel source. The oven can reach up to 500 degrees celsius in just under 10 minutes and at this temperature, you are ready to cook a medium-sized pizza in less than 2 minutes.

The Ooni Pizza ovens all come with removable chimneys and sturdy hinged legs making them the king of portable pizza ovens. Each oven also comes with an add-on carry bag to make it even easier to take places for those memorable moments. Whether you are going to a party or taking to the lake for a picnic, your pizza oven can be easily taken along for the ride.

This is why Ooni portable pizza ovens are king, they not only look good, but also heat up within a matter of minutes. This is why they are our team’s recommendation.

Buying Assembled

You will no doubt find that an already assembled oven is the most convenient when it comes to buying one as it’s already built by a company. However, please keep in mind that it will likely come with a bigger price tag.

forno bravo assembled pizza oven

Assembled ovens are built to the highest quality allowing the oven to hold the heat in for a long period due to the quality insulation. You can get an oven in a number of different styles, from modern, to authentic Italian styles.

The size of the oven can vary from a small single 12 inch platform up to a massive 44 inches which will allow you to cook up to 4 to 5 pizzas at a time.

Our recommended company for an assembled oven is a company called Forno Bravo which is based in the US. If you are based in the UK – The Stone Baked Oven Company is great, but expect to pay around $2000 to $10000 for their products.

Buying an Oven Kit

If you have some masonry skills and don’t want to build the oven from scratch then an oven kit is ideal for you. These will be pre-built and all you have to do is put it together by applying special heat-resistant adhesive. The oven usually comes with an insulation layer to add to the dome and floor which is waterproof.

Forno bravo oven kit

If you don’t have all the materials, tools and skills to build an oven yourself then an oven kit may be the next best thing. You will be able to find these ovens at Forno Bravo or The Stone Baked Oven Company and can expect to pay $1300 to $7000.

Paying an expert to build it

If you would prefer a tradesman to build the oven from scratch, make sure you get a quote and some pictures of some original work that has been done by them prior to using their services.

This can be quite costly as you will also need to pay for all of the materials needed by the tradesman.

pizza oven costs

Building from scratch

If you are a hands-on person and like to give yourself a challenge, then building it yourself is the way to go

building pizza oven

You will be able to design your very own pizza oven and give it your own personalized look. Below I have given some guides and estimations but do take into account the materials and tools you will also require.

Tools and materials to build a pizza oven

There are a few things you will need in order to build the pizza oven and we have listed all the materials and tools that you might need below:

tools and materials

  • Builders sand
  • Bricks
  • Concrete blocks
  • Cement
  • Clay
  • Chimney (you can use a clay plant pot or build one yourself)
  • Waterproof sheet for aftercare
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Tape measure
  • Water
  • Trimming knife
  • Heavy duty gloves
  • 10 liter plastic bucket
  • Shovel

Structure of the oven

  • A hearth (the oven floor)
  • A dome
  • A chimney
  • An entrance
  • Insulation layer Waterproof render layer

Size of the oven

Depending on the size of the pizza oven the price can vary. We recently built our own and we built a 26 inch dome with a platform big enough to make 12 inch pizzas. Some people have been known to build around an exercise ball which gives them an exact size of the oven they want.

different size pizza ovens forno bravo

Cost Break down


Clay Clay and insulation Vermiculite Concrete Brick  
Dome $100 $100 $80 $700
Dome support $15 $15 $15
Dome Insulation $5 (straw) $40 (vermiculite) $60 (fire blanket)
Hearth $75 $75 $75 $75
Hearth Insulation $20 (vermiculite) $20 (vermiculite) $60 (calcium silicate)
Waterproofing $30 $30 $30
Chimney $50 $50 $50 $50
Tunnel $25 $25 $25
TOTAL $275 $355 $295 $970