If you own a pizza oven, the team at PizzaOvensReviews hopes you’re having a great time with it and creating fabulous memories with your kids, friends, and family.

The problem is, not all of you are having fun. There is a misconception that making pizza becomes incredibly easy when you buy a pizza oven. Unfortunately, that is only true once you have put in some practice and got the hang of it all. 

There is a learning curve, but we promise you, once you get past that, you have many great times ahead. Besides, you can still inject some fun into making pizza even if you’re not happy with the standard of the pizza you have created so far.

Below, you will find three tips that we have come up with that you can use to create some fun when cooking homemade pizza.

Have a Pizza Cooking Party

That’s right, get the family together or perhaps invite some friends and let everyone have a go at cooking up some pizza. This is a particularly fun thing to do with children. Let your guests choose or bring their own toppings and let them take turns with your pizza oven. We can promise that this will lead to some crazy creations that will generate plenty of laughter. Anything half-decent is also a plus, as that means something tasty for everyone to share.

You could even have a competition with prizes or forfeits for the best and worst pizza, respectively. The good thing here is you should have the upper hand having more experience than anyone else! Another plus is that everyone gets to eat plenty!

Experiment and Let People Name Your Pizza

One of the best things about making homemade pizza is there are no boundaries. You can experiment to your heart’s content. Using your own ideas, you can come up with new sauce recipes and mess around with different combinations for the toppings. 

Then, once you’re done and brave enough, let others taste it before you. Another option is to let somebody else give a name to your pizza. This is generally a good way to gauge how well your experiment has gone down. For example, if your (now second favourite) child names your latest creation “The Barfmeister”, you might want to avoid a taste test yourself. 

Don’t Stress – Just Take it in Your Stride

At the end of the day, there is no point stressing when cooking homemade pizza. Half the fun comes when learning from the mistakes you make. One day, you can look back and laugh about the time your neighbour spat out your broccoli, Walnut and canned sardines special. 

We can promise you that over time, the obstacles you face become fewer and farther between. Those occasions when your pizza sticks to your peel or you simply cook for too long and burn the crust will no longer happen as often as they used to.

The Takeaway

Unless you’re running a pizza restaurant, most of you with pizza ovens will own them as something of a hobby. Like any other hobby, it takes work until you get to an adequate level. The key is to have fun as you learn and not to take things too seriously. We all had to start somewhere (we can tell you of some hilarious mistakes made by Four Cheese Steve in the early days). Use the above tips so that you can inject some fun and laughter as you continue your journey towards pizza perfection!