We are sure you will agree that pizza and parties both have a knack of bringing people together, so what better excuse to crack open your pizza oven is there than a pizza party? And when there are pizza gatherings and parties, drinks will almost certainly be part of the occasion. After all, what’s a pizza party without the perfect drink to go with it?

If you have planned a pizza party get-together as an excuse to fire up your pizza oven, you may have all the ingredients planned out already – well done you! However, have you thought about the drinks that go with the pizza flavors you are planning to crack out?

Don’t worry if you haven’t because we’ve got you covered with some amazing drink pairing suggestions that will elevate your guests’ pizza experience to a whole new level!

Drinks to go with the classic pepperoni pizza

To get started, of course, the classic pepperoni pizza has to top the list. Its popularity is self-explanatory. What’s more, your guests will likely predict this fan-favorite is almost certainly going to be on the menu. And you’ve probably already guessed it, this flavor pairs perfectly with a cold beer. The light and refreshing taste of an ice-cold lager or pilsner can complement the savory and slightly spicy flavor of the pepperoni topping. And, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, hoppy IPA can bring out that lucious smoky flavor of the pepperoni.

A drinks selection for meat lovers

This suggestion is for all those meat lovers’. Mixed meat pizzas are on the menu at most pizza shops and are usually one of the most in-demand. As such, this should also be on the menu. However, with all those mixed flavors you need to be smart. That means a drink that can stand up to the pizza’s bold flavors. A robust red wine, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Chianti is just the ticket. The tannins in the wine slice through the richness of the meat and as a bonus, it enhances the flavor of the tomato sauce. For non-alcoholic options, try a glass of iced tea, which can refresh your guests’ palate while still complementing the flavors of the meat lovers’ pizza.

Margherita Pizza – another crowd favorite

Although the Margherita pizza is popular, it comes in third on this list of popularity. However, who are we to tell you the order of flavors – that’s down to your palette. What we can do is suggest serving this popular pizza with, a crisp white wine such as a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. For wine and pizza lovers, this makes for the perfect match. The light and refreshing taste of the wine complements the fresh basil and juicy tomatoes, while the acidity balances out the mozzarella cheese’s creaminess. Or maybe you will feel in the mood for something bubbly. If that’s the case, then try a sparkling wine or Prosecco for a celebratory style twist. Of course, IPA and/or larger will also do just fine!

Hula with Hawaiian pizza & tropical cocktails

Onwards with the popular pizzas, and that means next on the agenda is the famous Hawaiian pizza. Before you crack this choice flavor out of your pizza oven, you need a drink that can stand up to the sweetness of the pineapple. Try serving up fruity and tropical cocktails. The piña colada or margarita cocktails are always a hit at any party pizza or no pizza. They both complement the flavors of the pizza and transport your guests to an imaginary beachside paradise. For your non-alcoholic drink selection, have some pineapple or mango juice available. The sweetness is perfect to balance out the saltiness of the ham.

Vegetarian pizza is trending!

Having a vegetarian selection is a must. And kudos to those of you out there that stick to this diet! If you yourself are not a veggie, now is your chance to put your veggie pizza cooking skills to the test. And to match your prowess with the pizza oven proving you can pass any challenge, you can gain more brownie points by serving the right drinks with your veggie pizza. Riesling or a Chenin Blanc white wine make for the perfect match. In fact, they bring out the flavors of any meal with vegetables and come highly recommended. Therefore,  they’ll work perfectly with your veggie pizza too.

The crisp and refreshing taste of the wine will balance the cheese flavour and bring out the earthy and sweet vegetable flavors. For a non-alcoholic option, chamomile or mint iced teas, complement the herbs and freshness of the vegetables.

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Sweet dessert-flavored pizzas are suddenly a thing these days. They are growing in popularity with many pizzerias including a variety of sweet pizza options like strawberry, ice cream, or chocolate. It’s also yet another test of your pizza oven skills. And once you produce the final product, we suggest after the above pizzas are served, you will need a drink that can match the sweetness. Port or sherry are heart dessert drinks – think Christmas pudding time! They will both complement the rich and complex flavors of your surprise dessert pizza, and they give your pizza party a rich and luxurious finish!

Need more flavors?

In the end, the perfect drink pairing can takeyour pizza party to a whole new level. Whether you’re a beer lover, a wine connoisseur, or a cocktail enthusiast, there’s a drink that matches every pizza flavor. However, we can’t cover all of them in one blog, so we will be back with more ideas down the road. For the time being, be sure that next time you crack out the pizza oven as an excuse to bring on a pizza party, don’t forget to stock up on the perfect drinks to complement your favorite pizza flavors!