Cooking pizza in a pizza oven is the only way to achieve the scrumptious smokey flavours, crispy toppings, and crunchy crust that traditional pizza is renowned for. However, while owning a brick oven is the most important thing you need, you should also consider getting your hands on some of these important pizza oven accessories.  

Wooden or Bamboo Pizza Peel

Pizza peels are the tools used to slide a pizza out of a hot oven. These accessories can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, and bamboo. Each style has its own functions. Choosing a peel will depend on the size of your oven and the type of pizza you make.

The best type of peel to buy is one that has a perforated carrying surface. The holes in this style of peel helps to reduce the stickiness of the dough. This makes it easier to slide the pizza out of the oven. Also, consider purchasing a metal peel if you want a durable peel that can withstand a lot of use. These peels are usually thin, lightweight, and easy to clean. They’re perfect for carrying medium to large pizzas.

Rocker Pizza Cutter

Whether you are looking to add some pizza fun to your next party or are just an avid cook, a rocker pizza cutter can make slicing your pizza easier and faster. This multifunctional tool comes with an ergonomically designed handle and a sharp blade. The best rocker pizza cutters are affordable, versatile, and capable of delivering restaurant-quality pizza.

A good pizza rocker is a combination of a long handle, a sharp blade, and a non-slip grip. A good blade is made from carbon stainless steel, which is durable and provides an edge that will not need to be sharpened.

Infrared Thermometers

One of the most important aspects of cooking a pizza in a pizza oven is maintaining the heat within your oven. The only way to do this accurately is to use a thermometer of some description. Infrared thermometers are the best option here. They will help prevent burning the crust and toppings or undercooking the underneath. 

Pizza Oven Brush

A pizza oven brush is a sturdy and reliable tool that has long handles that help you clean the ash and debris from your pizza oven. This brush features an extra-long, die-cast aluminium threaded tip that allows for easy access to corners and the back of the oven. It also features a steel scraper to remove baked-on residue and grease.

Personalised Chalkboard Menu

If you have a pizza oven in your kitchen, why not use it to bring the pizzeria right into your own home with a personalised chalkboard menu? This is the perfect way to get your guests’ attention while entertaining them. This stylish piece of home decor is ideal for birthdays, Father’s Day, and housewarming gifts. It comes with zinc hooks for hanging cooking utensils and features a customised design with your own name and the toppings you choose.

You can find a wide range of personalised chalkboard menus online. Many come with a set of stainless steel tools, including a spatula and tongs. You can choose from different styles, ranging from a classic red and white plaid to an elegantly designed white and black tablecloth.


You might get away with cooking pizza without the above accessories but with them, you can guarantee a perfect pizza nearly all the time. Besides, why get serious about cooking pizza if you’re not going to get the ideal accessories? Just make sure you do some research on which are the best manufacturers of the above. Never opt for the cheap option if you can help it. Go for reputation, quality, and durability.