Portable pizza ovens are all the rage, and if you own one, you will know why. Traditionally, owning a pizza oven meant owning a large oven made of so many bricks and cement that there was no choice but for them to become a permanent fixture. 

Everything changed when portable ovens entered the scene. Now anyone that loves homemade pizza cooked in the traditional way, could do it themselves without having to think where to put a giant pizza oven. For that reason alone, it is easy to see why portable pizza ovens have become so popular. But, that is not the only benefit a portable pizza oven has – as you will see when reading through the rest of this post. 

Portable and Easy to Store

Isn’t it great to think that when you want a home-cooked pizza, you can just wheel out a small pizza oven? As they are portable, you can put them anywhere you like. Whether that’s the garden, kitchen, or terrace, it’s up to you. Many models are designed to cope well with changing weather conditions, and even those that aren’t, you can purchase waterproof covers and other accessories that can help. 

Then there is the benefit of a portable pizza oven being easier to store. They are small and relatively light (although not super light as there is still stone and other materials used in the construction). When you’re finished using it, you can put it away until you decide you want to use it again.

Quick to Get Up to Heat

Unlike brick ovens, some portable ovens take as little as 15 minutes to reach optimum temperatures of 950°F (500°C), meaning you can chomp away on a delicious slice of pizza within 30 minutes. However, outside temperature may add an extra 5-10 minutes in low ambient temperatures.

Just as Quick to Cool Down

They will not cool down instantly, but waiting 30 minutes for a portable pizza oven to cool down is not the end of the world. Most portable ovens cool down within half an hour, making them safe to touch and move. A good tip is to turn them off as soon as you’re done cooking, as then, by the time you have finished eating your amazing wood-fired pizza, it should be cool enough to move. 

Purchase Price

It stands to reason that a smaller pizza oven is going to cost a lot less than a massive permanent pizza oven. If not, what is the point? Generally, you will pay anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars and a thousand. The price will depend on the brand, size, features, and the type of fuel required. We have reviewed many models here, and we can tell you that even the top-end ovens are usually competitively priced.  


To be honest, most wood-fired pizza ovens do not require too much in terms of maintenance. They get to such high temperatures that any debris that might remain inside is just going to burn away. Of course, you might have to wipe down the exterior, and that means portable ovens have the benefit of a smaller exterior and thus less work for you. You should look out for rusting of any metals, however, but as long as you use the right cleaners, you can prevent this. 

Which to Buy?

You’re spoilt for choice, as there are now so many portable pizza ovens out there today. They all share the same function of cooking pizza, but there are certain differences you will want to be aware of before choosing which to buy. Some can cook larger pizzas, others claim to get up to heat quicker than others, and some may have additional bells and whistles that others don’t. Just do your research and weigh things up before coming to a conclusion.