There is no doubt that the quality of the wood-fired pizza oven in your restaurant can prove the biggest factor between success and failure. Make the right choice and your restaurant will earn a reputation for selling the best delicious and crispy pizzas in town. Get it wrong and your customers will end up going elsewhere.

However, knowing which oven is the ideal fit for your business is difficult. With so many choices available, it can become confusing and overwhelming when deciding which to use in your restaurant. The good news is that this article is here to help. Using the advice gleaned from the words on this page, you will hopefully make the correct decision that will lead to your pizza restaurant becoming a major success.

Choosing the Ideal Type of Pizza Oven

Traditional wood-fired ovens are renowned for creating the best-tasting pizzas, so you do not want to think of any other option. However, you must realise that there are a few different types of wood-fired ovens to choose from.  

Brick Pizza Ovens

If the sole purpose of your business is to create restaurant-quality pizza, you cannot beat a brick pizza oven. The wood really adds a different dimension to the flavour of the pizzas you cook up. On top of this, thanks to the stone slab, no other type of pizza oven can create a crust as crispy. 

Conveyor Deck Pizza Ovens

Unless you’re planning to open a fast-food restaurant that sells pizza, this is not a good option. These are designed to cook multiple pizzas at the same time. They cannot match the quality of taste or crispiness of pizzas produced via brick ovens. That is because of the rushed nature of the business and the lack of heat these ovens can produce. 

Pizza Deck Ovens

These offer similarities to conventional ovens and are a good choice if pizza is just of many dishes your restaurant has on its menu. They cannot produce the same authentic-tasting pizza that brick ovens do but they offer a more convenient option. 

Other Considerations When Buying a Pizza Oven

Of course, there are still a few other things you have to consider when purchasing a pizza oven for your restaurant. For a start, the size, both internally and externally, will play a big part in your decision. 

Outer Dimensions

The external size of the oven is important as your restaurant only has limited space. You need to find an oven that fits the design of your restaurant. It has to be perfect as two small will mean less cooking space and too big could hinder the space in your restaurant. 

Inner Dimensions

The inner dimensions are just as important. The more you have increases the number of pizzas you can cook at one time. Most importantly, consider the size of the cooking surface. The size of that surface not only dictates how many pizzas you can cook, but also the size of those pizzas. In fact, the oven can play a huge part when deciding your final menu. 

All Ready to Go?

Using the above information, you should be able to make an informed decision on what is the best oven pizza for your restaurant. Do not rush the process. It is vital you make the correct call. Shop around, do some research, and use what you learn to make the best decision. Make sure you do that and your top-quality authentic pizza will have no trouble attracting customers!